12 Things you need to Stop Doing to Yourself

Often by doing certain things, most of the time unconsciously, you'll end up hurting yourself.

The daily little worries, the stresses, the overthinking and thinking about the past, these are just some of the things that make you miserable, draining the life out of you and making days feel like a never-ending struggle.

But there are things you can do to sort these little things out and have a happier life. You can notice these things, be aware of them, and each time you catch yourself doing something self-destructive, you’ll know it’s time to stop and do something different.

1. Living By Someone Else’s Standards

It’s your life, and no one else will ever know what is right for you. So stop trying to live up to someone else’s standards.

Others will always have something to say, to disapprove with, no matter what you do. But when you take it personally, change your behaviour because of that, you’re ignoring your inner desires, your dreams and the things you know you should be doing.

The ONLY person you should be living up to is yourself.

2. Lying To Yourself

So many people do this, all the time, without even realising.

At some point, it becomes a habit, like everything else you do repeatedly. But now is the time to stop. To be present, face the truth and admit it to yourself.

Eventually, things will fall into place. Nothing is as bad as it seems, and everything has an end. Sometimes it's just about Time, it heals everything and you can get used to any change you face.

3. Blaming Yourself

This is one of the biggest mistakes people fixate on, and it’s POINTLESS.

Even if you’ve failed many times, have done something wrong, you can’t change it by blaming yourself.

You’ll just make yourself feel even worse, won’t respect yourself anymore, won’t believe in your abilities, and that in itself will be the reason why you’ll continue to fail again.

So let go of past mistakes, the best you can do is learn from them. They are experienced and that’s priceless. Then move on, find the will to try again and prove yourself strong.

4. Denying Your Potential

So many people think that they can’t achieve anything, that it is as far as they can go, and that there is no point in even trying.

WHY? That’s an awful approach to life.

The truth is that every single person is capable of much more than they believe. We all have the tools, abilities, potential to achieve whatever we set our mind to. All we need to do is believe in ourselves and go get what we most desire.

5. Not Having Time For Yourself

It’s easy to say that you’re too busy and you just don’t have any time for yourself.

But your days are about priorities, and believe it or not you can make the time.

Get up earlier and include some reading, meditation, journaling or just some quiet time to drink your coffee as a part of your morning routine.

A small thing like that, when done daily, will help you feel more relaxed, handle the problems during the day with ease, and have a more positive mindset and content.

Or you can find that time in the evening, just before you go to bed. It’s important to do it when you can be alone, when there are no distractions like people, noises, urgent tasks, etc.

So don’t say you don’t have time for yourself, it is the most IMPORTANT time of the day, and far more important than any task.

6. Leaving Your Dreams Behind

Why do this to yourself?

It doesn’t matter how ridiculous your dreams sound to others, how big they are compared to your actual situation, how hard you’ll have to work to make them reality and how long that will take.

Don’t give up on what you want the most because then you’ll lose the point in anything, you’ll never be satisfied with your life and you will always regret not going after them.

So even if you don’t actually reach them, it’s important to keep the hope alive, to do small things that will get you closer, and just to know that you still believe and that someday it will come true.

7. Not Feeling Good Enough

If you feel like you’re not good enough, sorry to say that’s exactly what you’ll be.

But if you still want to be happy and successful, you’ll need to change that attitude.

Realise that you’re good enough for that job position, for that person you like, for that new goal you have.

You deserve to travel the world, take that risk, win that price, get good at something, etc.

Let go of doubts, and believe that you’re good enough. You’ll have to work hard for the things you want, to be patient, never lose hope, and never give up.

8. Doing Things You Don’t Like

Life is far too short for doing things that you don’t like doing, and this will only make your days unpleasant, you will become more and more discontent with your lifestyle.

So CHANGE that. Get rid of all the things you don’t enjoy, and find hobbies, try new things, accept challenges until you find what you love doing. Then fill your days with it.

9. Missing Opportunities

With every new day comes new opportunities. Your job is to notice, take them and make the best of those opportunities.

10. Focusing On Your Weaknesses

Stop torturing yourself like that.

Everyone has weaknesses, but they have strengths as well.

What you need to do is focus on these strengths you have, improve them, do the things you love and are good at.

This is not to say that you cannot improve those weaknesses to make them strengths, just start small and build it bit

11. Living In The Past

That’s just another way to bring regrets and melancholy to your life.

It’s all in the past, gone and there’s nothing you can do to change what’s happened.

All that’s important is the present moment, where you can feel peace and happiness, can create your future. Accept the past with all the memories – good or bad, the people that you’ve lost, or have left you, the places you’ve been at.

Know that these things were exactly what you needed back then, but not now. Smile and keep moving forward.

12. Overanalysing.

Stop thinking too much about stuff.

There are millions of versions of what might happen tomorrow, or how an event in the past may have gone differently.

Also, you can guess what people’s reactions mean for years, and still not know what exactly happens in their head.

So let go of the need to know all these things, to control them, to be prepared.

Just make the best of the facts you have. And you don’t really need to know everything.

Stop worrying about tomorrow, overanalysing the past, thinking too much before you make a decision, etc. Just get out there and do whatever you feel like doing.

So which of these things do you catch yourself doing?

Or can you add another harmful behaviour?

Whatever the case may be, I hope that you have had at least one “aha” moment, and I hope this sets you on the path to a more happier, positive and unstoppable you.


No limitations apart from the ones we give ourselves

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