3 Benefits of using Hypnosis to Manage your Fear

Steven Smith Hypnotherapist
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Fear can have an adverse effect on our quality of life. It can prevent us from living our lives to the fullest and engaging in typical day to day activities. For some people, its a little distressing but manageable. Avoiding the situations that course the discomfort, like how you would avoid certain foods that cause allergic reactions. Not that you should live a life of avoidance, but some do manage to live a nice life.

For must tho, fear can be devastating, to the point that stepping out of their own home feels like a scene from mission impossible. These types of severe fears can prevent us from reaching our full potential.

Fears are widespread and range in degree of discomfort from person to person. We can have fear in any part of our lives, from a fear of spiders or flying to fear of rejection or success. However, where do these emotions and irrational thoughts come from? You may have guessed it. It’s all happening in mind, and this is why hypnosis holds excellent potential for the treatment of fears.

Now, How does hypnotherapy exactly work with fear?

1. Hypnosis addresses the underlying cause of the fear

Having an irrational fear, like a fear of commitment, doesn’t happen overnight. Hypnotherapy helps to discover the real course of fear. It can be an event or experience that happened in the past, which at the time it was created was traumatic. The mind has then held onto at the same emotional level if not worse, and then decided to lock it away and keep it out of immediate thoughts. Addressing these memories causing the fear, allows you to understand your emotions, and then allows you to see them as no longer threatening. Making it easier to break free and change.

2. Hypnosis puts you in an altered state of mind open to change

Being in this altered state of mind allows you to block out everything in the outside world and focus on your subconscious thoughts. It also opens you up to positive suggestions that will help benefit your new change.

3. Hypnotherapy can address low self-esteem

Many times, that belief that we are not worthy can be the cause behind fears. If you’ve always been shy, afraid of change, or afraid to try anything new, it’s more than likely low self-esteem getting the of best you. With low self-esteem you can find it hard to change, fearing failure preventing you from breaking old habits.

A hypnotherapist can use many different methods while in a hypnotic state, to help you believe in yourself and find the power within to be positive and welcome growth.

Final Thoughts

If you suffer from constant fear or want to have a more positive outlook on life, hypnosis can be a viable form of therapy. Its gentle, natural and offers a holistic approach to healing your mind and body.

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