What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a very powerful and beneficial therapeutic tool, that we naturally drift in and out of every day, daydreaming, just before and after sleep. Ever read a good book and got so engrossest in it that you start to imagine whats going on and start to have an emotional reaction? These are just some examples and believe it or not, you've probably entered a state of hypnosis. With that said, hypnosis is different for all of us and we experience it in different ways.

While in Hypnosis, our bodies become relaxed, as in meditation, and to an observer, they will perceive the person to be asleep or in a world of there own. Appearance can be deceiving, however, in this altered state of awareness, all outside distractions are eliminated and your attention is heightened and focused on the present at a subconscious level. And with your conscious mind relaxed, your subconscious becomes accessible, giving you limitless possibilities for change. Since it is a natural state we enter, we have full control over it, entering and leaving whenever we choose, unlike what Hollywood would have us believe. 


What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis for the treatment and relief of a variety of physical and psychological symptoms. Hypnotherapy is widely used to treatment for habit breaking, stress-related issues and for a range of long-term conditions, and in recent years has been gaining steam in the medical world after a recommendation from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recognised hypnotherapy as a treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). This is achieved through using complete mental and physical relaxation and visualization techniques, to transform the thoughts that lead to self-limiting beliefs. It is vital to have the cooperation of the patient.

Hypnotherapy is completely natural and safe and there are no harmful side effects. When administered by a professionally trained and skilled Hypnotherapist, the benefits are long-lasting and often permanent. 
It is often successful when other, more conventional methods of treatment have failed.

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People often ask, does hypnosis really work? The answer is, of course, yes it does! Many of my clients have experienced profound and rapid change. The main requirement for success is a want to change. Given that hypnotherapy can be utilised to access a person’s true inner potential and that probably no one is performing to their actual potential. However, it is not just potential which Hypnotherapy is well placed to address but also one’s inner resources to effect beneficial change. In this regard, it is the innate healing capacity of our own body that may be stimulated by Hypnotherapy. 

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