4 Benefits of Using Hypnosis for Physical Performance

Its no secret that being a successful athlete involves maintaining high levels of physical fitness. However, this is only part of the formula required for success. According to research, performance has more to do with mental abilities than physical abilities.

This may sound a little strange to some people, but thousands of professional athletes have recognised the power of their mental state having a positive effect on their sports performance. So it's no surprise that hypnosis has been used for many years to help professional athletes enhance their natural ability and overcome difficulties. Did you know? Famous golfer Tiger Woods regularly uses hypnosis.

So, how exactly can hypnotherapy sessions improve athletic performance you ask. Below are just a few benefits to consider.

Eliminate Blocks

Beliefs, especially our core beliefs, are very important to us, essential to our identity. Our beliefs define who we think we are, what we believe we can and cannot do, they extend into just about all areas of life including our fitness and performance.
In regards to sports and athletic performance, these beliefs often limit us from realising our true potential. They could be fears of success or failure, worries of disappointing our loved ones or those closest to us, and anxieties of what happens next come win or lose, even holding onto past mistakes thinking they may happen again.

A hypnotherapist can help you understand your unconscious beliefs, allowing you to conquer and eliminate any that are causing the limitations, so you are able to focus on what you wish to achieve.

Reaching Next Level

Hypnosis is a technique that can help athletes motivated, overcome their self-doubt so they can move to the next level and beyond. Using various tools and techniques, a hypnotherapist can teach athletes to visualise improvement of their skills and performance, which will then become reality as the unconscious believes that’s how it should be. So, whether they want to increase muscle mass, speed and agility or work on another goal. Hypnosis can also help athletes find motivation when there is none so that they don’t give up when they are so close to achieving their goals.


Hypnosis Can Help Athletes Focus

While in a hypnotic trance an individual will reach a relaxed and peaceful state of mind, no different from meditation. It not only calms the mind and body, it can also help athletes find the intense focus necessary to be at the top of their game.

In addition, a hypnotherapist can help an athlete overcome their anxiety before games, matches, or exhibitions, which can be the difference between an outstanding performance and falling short of winning.

It’s Natural

Hypnotherapy isn’t a magical solution that will instantly improve an athlete’s skills and performance. Hypnosis does not make up for a lack of training. However, it expands on the mental conditioning athletes needs to improve and grow with no side effects. Hypnosis deals with focus and healing, aspects of athletic conditioning that involve the mind and in result effect the body.

Wrapping up

You don’t have to be a professional athlete or an Olympian in training to reap the physical benefits of hypnosis. Hypnosis is for everyone, and with regular sessions, it can help you reach higher levels of performance and fitness regardless of what purpose you need to perform at your best, whether it’s on a professional level or a purely recreational one.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that hypnosis simply helps improve an athlete’s focus and healing instead of the actual body. My brother is a runner and we have been wondering how we can help improve his focus during a match. We will definitely have to try out hypnosis since it will also help him heal from any injuries he sustains.

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